Jigstar Jigging Accessories


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Combo Rings H (Qty 10)
Combo Rings M (Qty 10)
Combo Rings S (Qty 10)
Kevlar Assist Cord (100lb)
Knot Sleeve - 1m
Metalcore Assist Cord - 3m (100lb)
Ring & Grommet 800lb (Qty 5)
Solid "8" Rings L (Qty 12)
Solid "8" Rings M (Qty 14)
Solid "8" Rings S (Qty 17)
Solid Rings H (Qty 10)
Solid Rings M (Qty 8)
Solid Rings S (Qty 8)
Solid Rings XS
Split Rings H 200lb (Qty 10)
Split Rings M 100lb (Qty 10)
Split Rings S 47lb (Qty 10)
Split Rings XL 220lb (Qty 10)
Split Rings XS 33lb (Qty 20)
Swivel and Grommet 355lb (Qty 2)

Jigstar Ring & Grommet 

The new Grommet with Dual Solid ring set provides the best connection point for Leader, Kevlar Assist Cord and Split Ring to a jig.  Rated at 335lb, the Leader is tied to the grommet on the large solid ring, and the Assist Cord is tied directly onto the large solid ring. The Jig is connected to the Small solid ring using a split ring. The advantage of using this system is a more free-swinging jig, and a much stronger more reliable system compared to other rings. The grommet that you attach your leader too is wide and grooved to accept heavy mono leader doing away with the need for using leader protector sleeves and eliminating bust offs where the leader attaches to the jig. There are 5 Grommets with Dual Solid Ring sets per pack. A must have piece of terminal tackle for any serious jigger.

Every knot is a potential weakness which will always be exposed by monster fish, you never hear of small fish busting tackle!

Jigstar Kevlar Assist Cord 

Many anglers are now realising the many advantages of tying your own assist hooks for jigging, and even popping and trolling applications. It lets you customise the length of the assist hook; the size and style of assist hook and allows you to sweeten the assist hook up with small soft plastic squids, skirts or flies. Made from high quality Kevlar it won’t let you down like cheap, pre-made assist hooks do. Each packet contains 4 metres of high quality Kevlar cord and is available in small (150lb), medium (200lb) and large (240lb) breaking strains for different sized jigs.

Knot Sleeve

The Jig Star Knot Sleeve is a must have for protecting leader breakage where your leader is tied to your swivel, solid ring or grommet. Best used with knots like the AG chain knot that doesn’t slide or cinch tight once tied. Highly recommended. Sleeve can accept over 200lb leader.

Jigstar Swivel & Grommet 

The Jig Star swivel and grommet is definitely the best method of attaching your jig to your leader. A heavy duty 335lb ball bearing swivel reduces line twist, whilst a large diameter grommet prevents the leader cutting into the connection during extended battles on big fish. The solid ring is perfect for attaching your jig and assist hook allowing all components to work independently of one another and remove any chance of the fish twisting or stretching these vital terminals. A must have in the kit.

Jigstar Solid “8” rings 

Jig Star Superior Jigging Terminals Solid Ring “8”

For anyone who is into jigging this awesome handy figure ‘8’ solid ring will make setting up for assist rig attachment very easy. These figure ‘8’ rings are used to hold the leader knot, assist hook and also split ring of any jigging set up.

Jig Star Solid Rings are made from one piece quality 304 stainless steel and feature smooth round edges for reliable knot strength. We highly recommend the use of Jig Star Knot Sleeve when tying your leader to any solid ring.



Jigstar Metalcore Assist Cord

JigStar brings a stainless steel, multistranded assist cord that is bite-proof and easy to tie. Lock down knots with Tacglue or a suitable cyanacrylate adhesive.

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