Jigstar Slow Jerk Rods (Available in-store only)

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Slow pitch jigging is one of the newest and fastest growing lure fishing methods to hit these shores. Micro jigging is using jigs that flutter and slide, using lighter braids requiring ultra light jigging rods to suit more finesse forms of fishing. Slow Jerks have more butt strength as models increase to heavier versions. The Slow Jerk Rods are also suited to Snapper and Bottom fishing. They feature high quality Toray® Graphite Blanks, Fuji TCS Reel Seats, Fuji ‘K’ Frame Alconite Guides and custom componentry.



603-2 – 6’3″ / PE 0.8 – 1.5 / Max Lure Weight 120g / 1pce or 2pce

603-3 – 6’3″ / PE 1 -2 / Max Lure Weight 150g / 1pce or 2pce

603-4 – 6’3″ / PE 1.5 – 3 / Max Lure Weight 200g / 1pce or 2pce

603-6 – 6’3″ / PE 5 / Max Lure Weight 600g / 1pce or 2pce

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SJB603-2, SJB603-2 (1pce), SJB603-2A (2pce), SJB603-3, SJB603-3 (1pce), SJB603-3A (2pce), SJB603-4, SJB603-4 (1pce), SJB603-4A (2pce), SJB603-6 (1pce), SJB603-6A (2pce)