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The Ripper 60M was designed to target Aussie Bass in the rivers of Northern NSW and has proved itself as an absolute fish catching weapon. The Ripper 60M is the ultimate river Crank Bait with key features setting it apart from others.

Featuring a circuit board bib, it allows the Crank to dive faster, allowing it to reach the strike zone quicker where those big bass live. Being a large Crank it definitely appeals to the larger, more aggressive fish which can’t resist the tight wobble of the Ripper 60M. 

Coming in a range of colours, it’s not just Bass that will take a liking to these; Sooty Grunter and Yellow Belly will also be on the menu.



  • 60mm
  • 14g
  • 3-5ft


Jollip Lures:

Jollip lures are all made from various timbers and fitted out with stainless hardware along with high quality hooks and split rings. Every single lure is individually hand painted which means sometimes there will be a slight variation which is what makes timber lures so great.

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