Juro Flashmaster Lure


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20g Green Purple
20g Purple Gold
20g Red
30g Blue
30g Red
40g Blue
40g Green Purple
40g Purple Gold
40g Red
50g Blue
50g Green Purple
50g Purple Gold
50g Red

Classic chrome slice in an exciting range of new colours that emit a fantastic flash effect in the water. Proven on many predatory & pelagic species.

Additional information

136: Red 20g, 136: Red 30g, 136: Red 40g, 136: Red 50g, 139: Blue 30g, 139: Blue 40g, 139: Blue 50g, 141: Purple /Gold 20g, 141: Purple /Gold 40g, 141: Purple /Gold 50g, 143: Green/Purple 20g, 143: Green/Purple 40g, 143: Green/Purple 50g, 20g Green Purple, 20g Purple Gold, 20g Red, 30g Blue, 30g Red, 40g Blue, 40g Green Purple, 40g Purple Gold, 40g Red, 50g Blue, 50g Green Purple, 50g Purple Gold, 50g Red