Kershaw Knives


6.5" Folding Knife
7.5" Fillet Knife
7" Knife + Sheath
9.5" Fillet Knife
9" Knife + Sheath
Decibel - Black
Mini Biner - Silver
Reverb - Black
Reverb XL - Black
Select Fire - Black
Shuffle - Black
Shuffle - Lime
Shuffle - Purple
Shuffle - Teal
Shuffle II - Black

Filleting Knives:

Kershaw offers a range of convenient filleting knives, all with high-carbon stainless steel baldes that provide the ideal degree of flex for fast and easy filleting. Its injection-molded handle is contoured for a secure grip, even in slippery conditions. 


Folding Fillet:

If you like to stow your gear compactly, this is the perfect choice for your tacklebox. With its 6.5inch blade, it’s one of the key fillet sizes that every angler will want at the ready. It’s perfect for filleting bass or smaller trout, but it can also handle both larger and smaller catches when needed. 


Shuffle Series:

The popular Shuffle is a compact, versatile & tough multi-function tool. You’ll like its compact size, manual opening and handy blade. You’ll also like how the finger contours fit your hand and the K-Texture handle provides an extra secure grip. It has a flathead screwdriver at the butt of the knife, which doubles as a lanyard attachment, and a handy bottle cap lifter built into the back of the knife.


Shuffle II Series:

If you prefer your pocket knives in classic black, then this is great choice. It offers a bigger blade and longer handle than the original Shuffle series, yet it has the same multifunctional flexibility. With a tanto balde, strongly textured handle and the BlackWash blade finish, it has a very substantial look and feel.


Reverb Series:

The lightweight Reverb is ideal for backpacking, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. With its lightweight design and no flipper or thumb stud to catch on anything, it is ready to go with you on your next outdoor adventure. The built-in carabiner clip makes it easy to clip for easy access. 


Reverb XL Series:

Kershaw made the popular Reverb bigger. It is still lightweight and compact – great for outdoor activities. The XL has a longer, upswept blade with plenty of belly for efficient slicing. Nevertheless, they kept the Reverb’s slim height and width.


Select Fire Series:

Most multi-tools include a plethora of “tools”, many of which are not actually very useful. Even worse, in many of these tools, the all-important blade is an afterthough. Not the Select Fire. It was built to be a knife-focused multi-tool. There’s a big, task-ready blade plus a 4-piece bit set and bit driver.


Please note: Age restricted – you must be 18+ to purchase these products.

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