Lalizas Sea Anchor Drogue -Professional Heavy Duty (Available in-store only)



Lalizas professional heavy duty sea anchors or drogues are designed for use on larger boats and under harsher conditions.

They are an essential part of the boats safety equipment. They can be used to slow down the boat when facing strong winds and heavy seas – in addition – they will ensure the boat turns to head into or away from the waves to avoid broaching.

Lalizas professional sea anchors are immensely strong – made from 200D polyester fabric coated on both sides with 0.45mm PVC and reinforced with 40mm webbing.

The anchor rope should be 5 times the boat length for best results.

3 sizes to suit average boats from 14 metres up to 20 metres length in average conditions.


Models Available:

  • RWB8735 – 2m diameter x 1.65m length plus 1.5m straps. Suits boats up to 14m (45ft)
  • RWB8736 – 2.5m diameter x 2.1m length plus 1.8m straps. Suits boats up to 17m (55ft)
  • RWB8737 – 3m diameter x 2.5m length plus 2.3m straps. Suits boats up to 20m (65ft)


Please note: Product colour may vary. Anchor sizes and boat sizes given are a general guide only and there may be variations based on boat weight or type, keel weight, the prevailing conditions or intended use. Your choice should not be made based on the guide alone.