Lazer Lures Metal Slug


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15g Black Mackerel
15g Blue Mackerel
15g Fluro Pink
15g Pearl
15g Red Head
15g Whitebait
25g Black Mackerel
25g Blue Mackerel
25g Fluro Pink
25g Gold
25g Red Head
25g Whitebait
35g Black Mackerel
35g Blue Mackerel
35g Fluro Pink
35g Gold
35g Red Head
35g Whitebait
50g Black Mackerel
50g Blue Chrome
50g Blue Mackerel
50g Fluro Pink
50g Gold
50g Pearl
50g Red Head
50g Whitebait
70g Black Mackerel
70g Blue Chrome
70g Fluro Pink
70g Red Head
70g Whitebait

Lazer fishing lures for catching bass, barracuda, bonito, flathead, jewfish, kingfish, mackerel, pike, perch, queenfish, salmon, tailor, trevally, tuna and wahoo. Lazers can be jigged, trolled or used for high speed spinning. The rear weighted design allows the lure greater casting distance. Lazers lures are fitted with stainless steel rings and and quality VMC hook. 


Fishing Tips

All Lazer Lures are designed to imitate a baitfish on which the listed feed:

  • Barracouta
  • Bonito
  • Jewfish
  • Kingfish
  • Mackerel
  • Pike
  • Queenfish
  • Salmon
  • Tailor
  • Trevally
  • Tuna

When spinning, alter speed of retrieve to give the impression of being a wounded baitfish and the predator fish thinking an easy catch.

If trolling move rod forward and back, also alter the depth and speed.

Try jigging by allowing the lure to sink to bottom, raise rod quickly then let drop back again. Try this method a various depths.

Lure fishing is action fishing.

Additional information

15g Black Mackerel, 15g Blue Mackerel, 15g Fluro Pink, 15g Pearl, 15g Red Head, 15g Whitebait, 18g Toby Spoon, 25g Black Mackerel, 25g Blue Mackerel, 25g Fluro Pink, 25g Gold, 25g Red Head, 25g Whitebait, 35g Black Mackerel, 35g Blue Mackerel, 35g Fluro Pink, 35g Gold, 35g Red Head, 35g Whitebait, 50g Black Mackerel, 50g Blue Chrome, 50g Blue Mackerel, 50g Chrome, 50g Fluro Pink, 50g Gold, 50g Pearl, 50g Red Head, 50g Whitebait, 70g Black Mackerel, 70g Blue Chrome, 70g Blue Mackerel, 70g Fluro Pink, 70g Red Head, 70g Whitebait, Black Mackerel 25g, Black Mackerel 35g, Black Mackerel 50g, Blue Mackerel 25g, Blue Mackerel 35g, Blue Mackerel 50g, Chrome 50g, Fluro Pink 25g, Fluro Pink 35g, Fluro Pink 50g, Gold 25g, Gold 35g, Gold 50g, Red Head 25g, Red Head 35g, Red Head 50g, Toby Spoon 18g, Whitebait 25g, Whitebait 35g, Whitebait 50g