Live Bait Worms European / African Night Crawlers (Available in-store only)


Live Bait Worms European Night Crawlers Small Pack around 25 per pack $10.00.

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Medium Pack - African (Approx. 40 worms)
Small Pack - African (Approx. 25 worms)
Small Pack - European (Approx. 25 worms)

Live European Night Crawlers are best kept at 7 to 9 degrees.

Live African Night Crawlers are best kept at 15 to 30 degrees.

Both worms are great to use for fresh water fishing and also for feeding your fish at home.

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Medium Africian Night Crawlers Aprox 40, Medium Pack – African (Approx. 40 worms), Medium Pack – African Night Crawlers (Approx. 40 w, Small African Night Crawlers approx 25, Small European Nightcrawlers approx 25, Small Pack – African (Approx. 25 worms), Small Pack – African Night Crawlers (Approx. 25 wo, Small Pack – European (Approx. 25 worms), Small Pack – European Night Crawlers (Approx. 25