Live Fibre Aussie Built Overhead Rod (Available in-store only)


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Live Fibe rods have been the staple for Wilson Fishing for many years, bringing together the vast talents of the anglers and pro staff of Wilson Fishing in a range of rods that is exceptional in every way.

Built on specifically designed and chosen blanks to ensure the best action for their design, the range of live fibre rods takes in everything from the smallest trout and bream fishing to the heaviest offshore and marlin fishing scenarios.

Always looking to improve the range, Wilson Fishing never rests on it laurels with their Live Fibre range. New rods are always being developed and all components are constantly being assessed to improve performance in the field.

When you choose a Live Fibre rod, you choose an Aussie rod designed by a dedicated team that aims to make your fishing a better experience.


Model Pieces Length Line Weight
RLF19AUS 1 7ft (approx) 15-24kg