Lumo Bobber Floats


These lumo bobber floats come in a range of shapes and sizes to suit all your fishing needs. Select a model below or scroll down to see further details.

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#4 Oval
#5 Oval
A4 Cylinder
B2 Barrel
B4 Barrel
B5 Barrel


  • #4: Oval shaped – Approx. 23mm long x 9mm wide (Qty 5)
  • #5: Oval shaped – Approx. 23mm long x 10mm wide (Qty 6)
  • A4: Cylinder shaped – Approx. 24mm long x 4mm wide (Qty 6)
  • B2: Barrel shaped – Approx. 23mm long x 5.5mm wide (Qty 6)
  • B4: Barrel shaped – Approx. 29mm long x 7.5mm wide (Qty 6)
  • B5: Barrel shaped – Approx. 33mm long x 8.5mm wide (Qty 6)


Additional information

#4 Oval, #5 Oval, A4 Cylinder, B2 Barrel, B4 Barrel, B5 Barrel