MajorCraft Jigpara Micro Jig


10g - #16 Keimura Katakuchi
10g - #81 Live Kin Iwashi
10g - #83 Live Kin Aji
10g - #85 Live Kin Saba
7g - #16 Keimura Katakuchi
7g - #81 Live Kin Iwashi
7g - #83 Live Kin Aji
7g - #85 Live Kin Saba

The Jigpara Micro is for super light shore casting game. Tough body by 5-layered coating. Set a hook by sharp Japanese original hooks. Features one rear treble for the 5g size. The 7g and 10g have front single assist hook and rear treble hook. 

With a slow fall action and enticing flutter, the new Jigpara Micro Jigs from Majorcraft are well suited to target estuary species around solid structures or areas with more current, as well as coastal landlocked lakes chasing small pelagics on the cast.


Target species – Bream, Trevally, Giant Herring, Tarpon



  • Natural  & Slow Fall Special
  • Superior shape for maxiumum action
  • Jigpara tough body
  • 5 layer coating for maximum durability and prevents peeling
  • Japanese made sharp hooks with superior thinness for unmatched penetration
Additional information
Size and Colour

10g – #16 Keimura Katakuchi, 10g – #81 Live Kin Iwashi, 10g – #83 Live Kin Aji, 10g – #85 Live Kin Saba, 7g – #16 Keimura Katakuchi, 7g – #81 Live Kin Iwashi, 7g – #83 Live Kin Aji, 7g – #85 Live Kin Saba