MajorCraft Jigpara Micro Swim Jig


10g Glow Pink
10g Red Gold
3g Glow Pink
3g Keimura Katakuchi
3g Keimura Shirasu
3g Red Gold
3g Zebra Glow
5g Glow Pink
5g Keimura Iwashi
5g Keimura Shirasu
5g Red Gold
5g Zebra Glow
7g Glow Pink
7g Keimura Iwashi
7g Keimura Katakuchi
7g Red Gold
7g Zebra Glow

The Jigpara Micro Swim has been designed for super light shore casting that can be slow rolled. Featuring a tough body, 5 layers of coating and a 2 sharp Japanese treble hooks, this lure will target various species, great for bread and butter species from bream to trevally right up to picky pelagics such as salmon and kingfish.

Additional information

10g Glow Pink, 10g Red Gold, 3g Glow Pink, 3g Keimura Katakuchi, 3g Keimura Shirasu, 3g Red Gold, 3g Zebra Glow, 5g Glow Pink, 5g Keimura Iwashi, 5g Keimura Shirasu, 5g Red Gold, 5g Zebra Glow, 7g Glow Pink, 7g Keimura Iwashi, 7g Keimura Katakuchi, 7g Red Gold, 7g Zebra Glow