Majorcraft SolPara X Rod


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MCSPX-962M / 2pce

The Solpara X range of rods have updated cosmetics and Fuji O rings. Chasing large fish and from the shore requires dedicated equipment and the Solpara X fits the bill perfectly.

The shore spin rods, which can double as bait rods off the beach or rocks, range from 9ft up to 10ft with a sensitive tip section transitioning into a powerful bottom end. They deliver maximum casting distance.


Code Length PE Casting Weight
MCSPX-902L 9’0 1.5-3.0 7-23g
MCSPX-962LSJ 9’6 1.0-2.5 40g
MCSPX-962M 9’6 0.8-2.0 15-42g
MCSPX-962MH 9’6 1.0-3.0 60g
MCSPX-962ML 9’6 0.6-1.5 10-30g
MCSPX-1002H 10’0 1.5-3.0 80g
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MCSPX-962M / 2pce