Maria Rapido 230


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The latest stickbait by Maria Japan, the Rapido. The Rapido has an irregular rolling action that has a unique swimming action that is effective when there isn’t much bait fish around or when the action is quiet. Its slim shape enables more casting distance.


The lure action of the Rapido on the surface imitates a escaping baitfish. After diving in the water, it floats in a unexpected direction. The diving action with an irregular rolling action is very appealing to migratory fish. Anglers can manipulate this lure action as they like to get the best results.



  • High Quality – Made In Japan
  • Strong Wire Through Harness
  • Internal subtle rattle system.
  • Easy to use, reacts to a variety or retrieves, fast and slow.
  • Has an irregular and unique rolling action
  • Designed to be more effective when the fishing is slow, when they are not activley feeding or in quiet water conditions.
  • Would be ideal option for targting big Kingfish or Tuna.
  • Designed for long distance casting off the rocks achieving 80m in testing!
  • Ideal for land based or boat fishing situations.


Specs and Tackle Recommendations:

Model Length Weight Casting Rod Line Hook Ring
F230 230mm 100g Around 10ft PE #8, Leader 140lb

Triple # 4/0-5/0 or Single 8-11g each



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