Mason MultiStrand Stainless Steel Trolling Wire


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125lb/57kg Dia: 0.027mm
20lb/9kg Dia: 0.011mm
30lb/14kg Dia: 0.015mm
45lb/20kg Dia: 0.018mm
60lb/27kg Dia: 0.018mm
90lb/41kg Dia: 0.024mm

The Mason Multistrand Wire features 7 strands of stainless steel wire that will resist rust in both fresh and saltwater environments. It is specifically-designed for trolling, due to the flexibility, strength and abrasion-resistance that is required during trolling. It can also be used to prepare rigs or leaders if you don’t want to wind the entire length onto your reel. It is extra-strong and pre-straightened, so that the wire trace doesn’t curl and alter the natural action of your lure when you are trolling.There’s nothing worse than losing one of your all-time lures to a shark, mackerel or barracuda. Lures are getting more and more expensive to replace, so make sure you have some wire trace handy when trolling with lures offshore. If you are targeting school or Mako sharks, then you simply must use a wire trace. The Mason Multistrand Wire comes with 30 feet of line.


Mason Sleeve Sizing Guide:


Crimp Multistrand Nylon Coated 49 Strand 
1D 20-30lb
2D 45-60lb 15lb
3D 90lb 20-30lb
4D 150lb 45-60lb
5D 90lb 175lb
6D 210lb 150-210lb
7D 275lb
8D 480lb

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125lb/57kg Dia: 0.027mm, 20lb/9kg Dia: 0.011mm, 30lb/14kg Dia: 0.015mm, 45lb/20kg Dia: 0.018mm, 60lb/27kg Dia: 0.018mm, 90lb/41kg Dia: 0.024mm, Size 125lb/57kg Dia: 0.027mm, Size 20lb/9kg Dia: 0.011mm, Size 30lb/14kg Dia: 0.015mm, Size 45lb/20kg Dia: 0.018mm, Size 60lb/27kg Dia: 0.018mm