Megabass Sleeper Gill


Pumpkin Seed

Featuring a patent-pending adaptation of the dorsal fin weed guard pioneered by the Dark Sleeper, the Sleeper Gill can be sent where others fear to swim. Its jungle-crawling ability enables precision targeting of weed areas, intricate laydowns, cover areas, standing timber, bottom structure, and more. The concealed top hook presents a natural silhouette to trick veteran targets and hides a hollow zone that compresses for sure hooksets. A low centre of gravity design and pectoral fin balancers contribute to bottom-contact swimming stability, allowing for stealthy approaches through key structure areas and standup ability on the pause.

Finished with a sensitive tail that responds to slow retrieves, the Sleeper Gill can be crawled along the bottom to kick up a delicate disturbance, echoing the movements of gill and crucian carp. Higher in the water column and with a faster retrieve, Sleeper Gill swims with strong tail kick and a touch of body roll, flashing its intricate detail across a wide area.

When regular swimbaits and fast-moving lures can’t tempt discerning predators, the Sleeper Gill’s unrivaled realism and enticing slow-retrieve ability conjure key bites.


  • Length: 3.2″
  • Weight: 3/4oz.


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