Mustad 2-in-1 Bait Catcher Rig


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10 - 10lb
4 - 15lb
6 - 12lb
8 - 12lb

These chemically sharpened hooks with white-coloured teaser on the Mustad 2 in 1 packet is an ideal set-up for catching live bait. They have been professionally tied on quality monofilament line, and are a great hook size for yellowtail, tommy rough, slimy mackerel, garfish and poddy mullet. 

Tie the top of the rig onto a swivel on your main line, then put on the correct sinker weight and lower it over the side. You can try increasing your chances by putting small pieces of bait onto each hook. You can either hold the rod and jig up and down, or place the rod butt into your rod holder. This motion should be enough to get the live bait to grab hold of the hook. If you get at least one fish on, a good trick is to leave it in the water and let a few more grab hold. A great way to catch live bait fast.

Each pack comes with 2 x 3 hook rigs.

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10 – 10lb, 4 – 15lb, 6 – 12lb, 8 – 12lb, Size 10 – 10lb, Size 4 – 15lb, Size 6 – 12lb, Size 8 – 12lb