Mustad Big Mouth Wide Gap (Kahle) Hooks


The Mustad Big Mouth Wide Gap (Kahle) hooks are perfect hook of choice for fishers chasing flathead and a host of other species with live or fresh bait. The unique design of the Mustad Wide Gap is all said in the name the gape is wider and the shank stretched to give a rounder gape so that the hook point sits proud and is well exposed no matter what bait is used.

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The Mustad big mouth is a chemically sharpened wide gap hook that offers a lot of advantages for bait fishers. The shape of the hook lends itself perfectly to rigging crustaceans like yabbies, shrimp and cherabin, while the wide gap can also take worms, pipis and mussels without clogging up the hook point.


This is a hook that anglers should allow the fish to hook themselves with – much like a circle hook – and they will be surprised at just how effective it is. Ideal under floats for billabong barra or impoundment bass and golden perch, the Big Mouth is also effective on a running sinker rig where crustaceans are fished close to the bottom.

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