Mustad Big Red 2 Hook Snapper Rig


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3/0 - 30lb
4/0 - 40lb
5/0 - 60lb
6/0 - 60lb
8/0 - 70lb

The Mustad Big Red twin hook snapper rig is set to work as a tandem hook rig with both hooks being snelled on to a monofilament trace which are distanced apart. Whilst the Mustad big red twin hook rig is great for use to target snapper it is also an ideal fishing rig for running a series of cut strip baits or even whole baits such as pilchards or squid to target other species such and Jewfish, reef fish and a host of other species.

Both hooks are set in the opposite direction to the other to give you increased chance of hook-up every time a fish grab’s your bait.

The key to success is all about presentation Mustad have been on the forefront of this little secret and that’s why the Mustad Big Red twin hook Snapper Rig’s are ideal in the ability to present large and small fishing baits extremely well which is a great bonus to entice those fussy feeders.



  • Each pack contains 3 fully complete rigs
  • Quality chemically sharpened Mustad Big Red hooks
  • 2 hooks tied on each rig
  • Ready to fish straight out of the packet
  • Can be fished weighted or unweighted
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3/0 – 30lb, 3/0 – Line 30lb, 4/0 – 40lb, 4/0 – Line 40lb, 5/0 – 60lb, 5/0 – Line 60lb, 6/0 – 60lb, 6/0 – Line 60lb, 8/0 – 70lb, 8/0 -Line 70lb, Size 3/0 – Line 30lb, Size 4/0 – Line 40lb, Size 5/0 – Line 50lb, Size 5/0 – Line 60lb, Size 6/0 – Line 60lb, Size 8/0 -Line 70lb