Mustad Stainless Steel Crane Swivel with Crosslock Snap


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1/0 - 242lbs/110kg (Qty 5)
2/0 - 396/180kg (Qty 5)

Designed to eliminate line twist and make a dependable and strong link between the main line and a lure. They are made from high quality materials and will not let you down. The swivel features a polished ball bearing for the best possible operations without compromising strength and performance under considerable pressure. The two welded rings are solid and strong, giving you the confidence to be around big fish. The cross snaps are made from 4.3 UltraPoint wire giving you the ultimate strength.

When choosing a snap, always go small. Pick a snap that matches the breaking strength of your line. This will give the best performance and presentation.

Made from stainless steel for heavy saltwater use.

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1/0 – 242lbs/110kg (Qty 5), 2/0 – 396/180kg (Qty 5)