Nomad Design Gypsea Jig


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120g CRT
120g FGP
120g PSAR
120g SAR
120g SG
40g CRT
40g FGP
40g PSAR
40g SAR
40g SG
60g CRT
60g FGP
60g PSAR
60g SAR
60g SG
80g CRT
80g FGP
80g PSAR
80g SAR
80g SG

The Gypsea jig is a back slide jig designed to be worked at slower to medium speeds. It will dart around and change angle aggressively when twitched and jigged. The sizes available mean you can fish this in shallow water for grouper and snapper, through to deep water for yellowtail, amberjacks and tuna. The smaller jigs work very well when just “jiggled” near the bottom for a range of reef secies. The jigs come fitted with super strong and super sharp BKK jig assist hooks matched perfectly to the size of the jig and are ready to fish straight out of the packet.


Weight Pre-Rigged Uses/Location
40g Twin Assist Inshore
60g 5X BKK Assist Inshore
80g 5X BKK Assist Inshore/Offshore
120g 5X BKK Assist Inshore/Offshore
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120g CRT, 120g FGP, 120g PSAR, 120g SAR, 120g SG, 40g CRT, 40g FGP, 40g PSAR, 40g SAR, 40g SG, 60g CRT, 60g FGP, 60g PSAR, 60g SAR, 60g SG, 80g CRT, 80g FGP, 80g PSAR, 80g SAR, 80g SG