Nomad Design Madscad


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115mm - Holo Ghost Shad
115mm - Hot Pink Mackerel
115mm - Mack Tuna
115mm - Sardine
150mm - Holo Ghost Shad
150mm - Pink Mackerel
150mm - Silver Green Mackerel
150mm - Spanish Mackerel

The Madscad 115mm is a sinking stickbait that can be worked slow or fast with long or short twitches of the rod tip. A stop start retrieve crates an erratic swimming action that fish simply cannot resist. It is a long distance casting stickbait ideal for mackerel, tuna, salmon, kingfish and lots more.

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115mm – Holo Ghost Shad, 115mm – Hot Pink Mackerel, 115mm – Mack Tuna, 115mm – Sardine, 150mm – Holo Ghost Shad, 150mm – Pink Mackerel, 150mm – Silver Green Mackerel, 150mm – Spanish Mackerel