Nomad Design Maverick 115mm Floating


Holo Ghost Shad

The Maverick 115mm is a unique floating stickbait, surface walker and popper all in one lure. There are so many ways to use this unique lure. It can be used with a long slow pull as a swimming stickbait with a bubble trail, twitched on the surface, used as a walk the dog lure and used as a subtle popper. It is best when worked sow and has a huge wobble and roll at very slow speeds. Ideal for any predatory fish that can be caught on a surface lure, and with the variety of retrieves, is super fun to fish. The bubble chambers on the side add turbulence when retrieved adding to the already dynamic action.


Length Weight Depth Action Hooks Uses
115mm 21g Sub Surface Floating BBK 4X Trebles #4 Casting
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115 Floating – Holo Ghost Shad, 115 Floating – Sardine, Holo Ghost Shad, Sardine