Nomad Design Slipstream Flying Fish – Wing Pack


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140mm Ahi Ghost
140mm Arctic Hot Pink
140mm Cosmic Chrome
140mm Lumo Glow
140mm Storm Chaser
140mm Ulysses
200mm Ahi Ghost
200mm Arctic Hot Pink
200mm Cosmic Chrome
200mm Ulysses

This Wing Set for the Slipstream Flying Fish allows you to change or replace the wings to create your own unique colour combination. Made of Heavy-Duty PVC, they can withstand repeated attacks from fish and last for extended trolling, casting or kite fishing sessions. 

The wings can be quickly and easily attached to your existing Slipstream body with the nuts and bolts included. The side fins and tail are removeable and can be changed as you choose without any connectors required. 

The Slipstream Flying Fish (sold separately) is a revolutionary heavy duty hybrid lure that has been designed to perfectly mimic a flying fish in both appearance and action in the water. It is extremely versatile and can be trolled, cast, or fished from a kite, with a huge variety of rigging options to suit your specific style of fishing. 



  • Each wing pack includes 2 x wings, 1 x tail fin, 2 x side fins and 2 x nuts & bolts.
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140mm Ahi Ghost, 140mm Arctic Hot Pink, 140mm Cosmic Chrome, 140mm Lumo Glow, 140mm Storm Chaser, 140mm Ulysses, 200mm Ahi Ghost, 200mm Arctic Hot Pink, 200mm Cosmic Chrome, 200mm Ulysses