Nomad Design Streaker Jig


120g - Crimson Tide
120g - Full Glow Pink
120g - Pink Sardine
120g - Sardine
200g - Crimson Tide
200g - Full Glow Pink
200g - Pink Sardine
200g - Sardine
200g - Silver Glow Stripe
80g - Crimson Tide
80g - Full Glow Pink
80g - Pink Sardine
80g - Sardine
80g - Silver Glow Stripe

The Streaker is a faster jig, with the longer and slimmer profile sinking faster, making it ideal for deeper water or areas of increased water movement. Deadly on Kingfish, Yellowtail, Tuna and other mid-water dwelling predators.

Head rigged with a super strong assist hooks.

Additional information
Size and Colour

120g – Crimson Tide, 120g – CRT, 120g – FGP, 120g – Full Glow Pink, 120g – Pink Sardine, 120g – PSAR, 120g – SAR, 120g – Sardine, 200g – Crimson Tide, 200g – CRT, 200g – FGP, 200g – Full Glow Pink, 200g – Pink Sardine, 200g – PSAR, 200g – SAR, 200g – Sardine, 200g – SG, 200g – Silver Glow Stripe, 80g – Crimson Tide, 80g – CRT, 80g – FGP, 80g – Full Glow Pink, 80g – Pink Sardine, 80g – PSAR, 80g – SAR, 80g – Sardine, 80g – Silver Glow Stripe, 80g -SG, Crimson Tide (CRT) 120g, Crimson Tide (CRT) 200g, Crimson Tide (CRT) 80g, CRT (Crimson Tide) 120g, CRT (Crimson Tide) 200g, CRT (Crimson Tide) 80g, FGP (Full Glow Pink) 120g, FGP (Full Glow Pink) 200g, FGP (Full Glow Pink) 80g, Full Glow Pink (FGP) 120g, Full Glow Pink (FGP) 200g, Full Glow Pink (FGP) 80g, Pink Sardine (PSAR) 120g, Pink Sardine (PSAR) 200g, Pink Sardine (PSAR) 80g, PSAR (Pink Sardine) 120g, PSAR (Pink Sardine) 200g, PSAR (Pink Sardine) 80g, SAR (Sardine) 120g, Sardine (SAR) 120g, Sardine (SAR) 200g, Sardine (SAR) 80g, Silver Glow Strip (SG) 200g, Silver Glow Stripe (SG) – 80g, Silver Glow Stripe (SG) 80g