Nomad Design Vibe Storage Box



The Nomad Design double sided Vertrex storage box comes in a medium and large size and is specifically designed to hold the Nomad Design Vertrex soft vibe lures in place without tangling and ready for quick easy access. The foam lining material has been designed not to react with the TPE material of the soft vibes and the slots in the foam allow you to place the vibes hooks to hold them in place. The box features a double sided waterproof rubber seal and a sturdy latch mechanism on both sides. It’s a super easy storage solution that allows you to keep your Max vibes on one side  and the Swim vibes on the other side ready for action. The large size box fits the largest Vertrex Swim 150mm models down to the smallest 75mm and the medium box is recommended for the 75mm-110mm size Vertrex.

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Large, Medium