Nomad Design STYX Minnow


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116mm - Bleeding Mullet
116mm - Chartreuse Stripe Ayu
116mm - Holo Ghost Shad
116mm - Holo Purple Shrimp
116mm - Silver Green Mackerel
70mm - Bleeding Mullet
70mm - Brown Sand Shrimp
70mm - Holo Purple Shrimp
70mm - Sardine

Designed to slow float in saltwater and suspend level in freshwater, the Styx Minnow is perfectly balanced for casting and working as a shallow jerk bait.



  • It has a seductive body roll and tight wiggle and is perfect when used with a twitch and pause retrieve. ​
  • The internal weight system has been designed to achieve super long casts and cover the maximum area to help catch more fish. ​
  • The internal cast weights combined with the ability to suspend level makes the Styx Minnow stand apart from other jerk baits. A true suspending lure requires meticulous attention to detail during design and testing. ​
  • The Styx Minnow may require tuning when in brackish water to get the perfect balance, but out of the packet is will perform perfectly in saltwater or freshwater.  ​
  • The 116 model is fitted with saltwater grade BKK trebles, and the 70 and 95 models are fitted with 1X strong BKK trebles. ​
  • The detailed colors, matched with industry leading technology make the Styx minnow range a truly unique jerk bait that will help you catch more fish.


Size Options:

70mm – Suspending – 3.8g

116mm – Slow Float – 12.5g

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Size and Colour

116mm – Bleeding Mullet, 116mm – Chartreuse Stripe Ayu, 116mm – Holo Ghost Shad, 116mm – Holo Purple Shrimp, 116mm – Silver Green Mackerel, 70mm – Bleeding Mullet, 70mm – Brown Sand Shrimp, 70mm – Holo Purple Shrimp, 70mm – Sardine, Bleeding Mullet – Slow Float – 116mm – 12.5g, Bleeding Mullet – Suspend – 70mm – 3.8g, Brown Sand Shrimp – Suspend – 70mm – 3.8g, Chartreuse Stripe Ayu – Slow Float – 116mm – 12.5g, Holo Ghost Shad – Slow Float – 116mm – 12.5g, Holo Purple Shrimp – Slow Float – 116mm – 12.5g, Holo Purple Shrimp – Suspend – 70mm – 3.8g, Sardine – Suspend – 70mm – 3.8g, Silver Green Mackerel – Slow Float – 116mm – 12.5g