Palms Slow Blatt Cast Crater Lake Shore Slow


With the lake as the main field, the targets are from large trout to bass, aiming at various targets as in the salt game including Flathead and Bream. It has wide centre balanced profile and dimple craters. The combination of a slow fall and strong flashing creates a enticing action and appeal.

10g – 50mm | 15g – 58mm

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10g Flange Chartreuse
10g Orange Gold
10g Smelt
10g Zebra Glow
15g Flange Chartreuse
15g Orange Gold
15g Smelt
15g Zebra Glow

10g – 50mm | 15g – 58mm


A Shore Throw® that has accumulated numerous achievements in the saltwater game scene. A game style that allows you to aim for a variety of fish species beyond the boundaries of the target will finally demonstrate its ability in the fresh water scene. With the lake as the main field, targets range from large trout to bass. Testing throughout the season reveals deep and surprising possibilities. Please experience the unique charm of Shore Throw in a new field.


Slow and captivating. Dimple shaped crater.
A slow flat cast crater lakeshore slow model with a slightly wide silhouette. Combined with the Z light metal used for the material, it appeals to the eating habits of trout with a slower fall. In addition, by placing dimples on the body surface, it achieves slow fall and at the same time demonstrates complex flashing. Tension fall creates more appeal, and free fall fascinates with a zigzag trajectory. It is a model that allows you to enjoy lakeshore throws more deeply by using it properly with the slow flat cast long.

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10g Flange Chartreuse, 10g Orange Gold, 10g Smelt, 10g Zebra Glow, 15g Flange Chartreuse, 15g Orange Gold, 15g Smelt, 15g Zebra Glow