Plano 758 Tackle Box (Available in-store only)


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The Plano 758 is a compact tackle box with huge storage potential in the form of four spacious drawers. This will give you the luxury of arranging fishing tackle and lures so that they can easily be found.



  • Large bulk storage with 4 removable tackle racks
  • Large 4-drawer system – The four-drawer system gives you four removable bait racks in which to store various forms of fishing tackle.
  • Soft Plastic Fishing Lures can be stored safely in the tackle box without fear of them causing a chemical reaction and permanently warping the trays.
  • The box is remarkably rugged and resistant to considerable impacts. You won’t need to fear taking the box on a boat packed with equipment.
  • Side tool storage – Racks on the side of the tackle box will enable you to store fishing tools and other small items of tackle.
  • Not Just for fishing – ideal for tradies that store nuts bolts etc
  • Measures 530mm x 290mm x 350mm (approx.)