Platypus Classic Monofilament Fishing Line


Platypus Classic is a great value line featuring a combined balance of high strength, abrasion resistance and durability. Enhanced by a lubricated finish for friction free casting and a low memory formula, reduces “set in” found in lines that twist and tangle. Platypus Classic utilises a radically different colour enhancing system that has a very high refractive index which gives it the ability of taking light from its surroundings then disposing it into microscopic particles.

300m spools | Colour: Green

12lb - 0.30mm
30lb - 0.50mm
40lb - 0.60mm

Platypus Classic was developed to offer anglers an Australian Made, quality and no-nonsense entry into monofilament fishing lines, so they can avoid the cheap and nasty imports constructed from cheap materials that suffer from inconsistent diameter and breaking strain, rough finishes and the wiry memory that sees them spring off the reel like a slinky, making line management and handling frustrating and almost impossible.


Platypus Classic not only offers anglers great value, it offers them a line that performs well, with low memory, high strength and abrasion resistance, and excellent knot strength.


300m spools | Colour: Green

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LB / Dia.

12lb – 0.30mm, 30lb – 0.50mm, 40lb – 0.60mm