Pro Cure Super Gel Bait Scent


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Bloody Tuna
Butt Juice
Garlic Plus
Inshore Salt Water

Soft plastic fishing has quickly surpassed bait as the number one go-to fishing option for plenty of anglers around the country. However, it’s important to remember that fish have a keen sense of smell, and some soft plastics come out of the packet smelling like rubber. Adding a scent to your lure could be just what you need to get the fish firing on a slow day’s fishing.

Pro-Cure Gel Scent is made from real ground bait, so there’s no doubting that the formula will attract fish to your lure. It also contains powerful amino acids and other bite stimulants that will help you catch more fish.

It comes in a 2oz bottle, and the formula is super-sticky, which mean it will stick to all lure types and work for long periods underwater. It will attract both salt and freshwater species. You can also use this product to give your home-made berley mix an extra kick, so that more fish are attracted to your fishing area. Make your artificial lure smell natural, thanks to Pro-Cure Gel Scent.



  • Made from real ground bait
  • With added powerful amino acids and bite stimulants
  • Super-sticky base sticks to all lure types
  • Dispenser bottle for easy application with minimal mess and waste
  • 2 oz (59ml approx.)
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Bloodworm, Bloody Tuna, Butt Juice, Garlic Plus, In-Shore Salt Water, Inshore Salt Water, InShore SaltWater, Mullet, Saltwater Yabby/Nipper, Sardine/Pilchard, Sardine/Pilchards, Shrimp, Yabby/Nipper

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