Pro Cure Tinted Bait Sauce


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Made from real bait and fish oils, Pro-Cure Bait Sauce is super sticky and ideal for boosting the attraction of your bait and lure presentations. Bait Sauce is charged with powerful complex amino acids to intensify the natural scent and increase the scent trail, attracting fish and triggering strikes.

Each flavour Bait Sauce is a different colour, which can be used to highlight baits and lures, assisted further by the UV enhanced formula. A 4oz/125g squeeze bottle means value for money and the applicator nozzle makes scenting up simple and mess free.

Sardine / Pilchard
Made from real ground pilchard / sardine, this formula is a favourite for anglers targeting predatory species that feed on baitfish. The green colour allows you to highlight the natural colours of artificial baitfish presentations, live and dead baits.

Everything eats a prawn / shrimp and Pro-Cure Shrimp Bait Sauce is made from real shrimp and prawns. The red / orange colour allows you to create the illusion of eggs on crustacean presentations, or add highlights to other lures, live and dead baits.

A blend of real dark tuna meat, tuna powder and tuna oil, Pro-Cure’s Tuna Bait Sauce has long been a favourite for anglers chasing aggressive predatory species. The dark purple / red colour is ideal for imitating bleeding gills and injury on lures, live and dead baits.

A proven favourite garlic and fish oil blend, Pro-Cure’s Garlic has long been a go-to in the freshwater scene and deadly on a variety of saltwater species. This bright chartreuse coloured sauce is ideal for making lures and baits stand out in the water.

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Garlic, Sardine/Pilchard, Shrimp, Tuna

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