Profishent Master Vibe


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103mm BPC
103mm GGO
103mm GO
103mm GSB
103mm NATG
103mm OB
103mm PC
103mm PGS
103mm PSB
103mm RB
83mm BPC
83mm GGC
83mm GO
83mm GSB
83mm NATG
83mm OB
83mm PC
83mm PGS
83mm PSB
83mm RB

Available in two deadly sizes and a fantastic range of colours, the Profishent Master Vibe is made from 10X stretch material. Featuring an oversized eye, quality split rings and premium treble hooks this soft vibe is super balanced to shimmer and vibrate at the slowest of speeds making them irresistable to predators.



  • 83mm / 12.5g
  • 103mm / 18.5g



  • GO – Gold Orange
  • OB – Orange Black
  • PC – Purple Chartreuse
  • RB – Red Black
  • BPC – Black Purple Chartreuse
  • GGO – Green Gold Orange
  • GSB – Ghost Sparkle Black
  • PGS – Poddy Ghost Silver
  • PSB – Pearl Silver Black
  • NATG – Natural
Additional information

103mm Black Purple Chartreuse (BPC), 103mm BPC, 103mm GGO, 103mm Ghost Sparkle Black (GSB), 103mm GO, 103mm Gold Orange (GO), 103mm Green Gold Orange (GGO), 103mm GSB, 103mm NATG, 103mm Natural (NATG), 103mm OB, 103mm Orange Black (OB), 103mm PC, 103mm Pearl Silver Black (PSB), 103mm PGS, 103mm Poddy Ghost Silver (PGS), 103mm PSB, 103mm Purple Chartreuse (PC), 103mm RB, 103mm Red Black (RB), 83mm Black Purple Chartreuse (BPC), 83mm BPC, 83mm GGC, 83mm Ghost Sparkle Black (GSB), 83mm GO, 83mm Gold Orange (GO), 83mm Green Gold Orange (GGO), 83mm GSB, 83mm NATG, 83mm Natural (NATG), 83mm OB, 83mm Orange Black (OB), 83mm PC, 83mm Pearl Silver Black (PSB), 83mm PGS, 83mm Poddy Ghost Silver (PGS), 83mm PSB, 83mm Purple Chartreuse (PC), 83mm RB, 83mm Red Black (RB)