Profishent Vixen Vibe


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11g BBPS
11g BG
11g NAT
11g PWO
18.5g BBPS
18.5g GB
18.5g MBP
18.5g PWO

The Profishent Vixen Vibe a versatile design, this lure can be cast and slow rolled back, trolled or hopped off the bottom it’s internal rattle system and tight vibe will wake even the most shutdown fish. Designed to sit nose down, tail up when stationary on the bottom. 



  • 65mm
  • Available in either 11g (standard) or 18.5g (heavy).
  • Tournament quality


Ideal Colours:

  • Yellowbelly – MPP, MBOC, BP, LBO or MP
  • Redfin Perch – MB, RB. MGG. MBOC
  • Murray Cod – MPP, GB, NAT, MBOC or RB
  • Barra – MGG, GB, NAT or GBG
  • Mangrove Jack – MGG, MBOC, NAT, MB or RB

Please use this information as a guide only. It is best to have a variety of colours and realistically you can use any of the multiple colours. They will all work in certain conditions and depending on what you’re targeting.


Colours Available:

  • BG – Black Gold
  • BBPS – Brown Blue Purple Silver
  • MBP – Matte Black Purple
  • PWO – Pearl White Orange
  • NAT – Silver Black
Additional information

11g BBPS, 11g BG, 11g NAT, 11g PWO, 18.5g BBPS, 18.5g GB, 18.5g MBP, 18.5g PWO, Black Gold (BG), Brown Blue Purple Silver (BBPS), Heavy – Brown Blue Purple Silver (BBPS), Heavy – Gold Black (GB), Heavy – Matt Black Purple (MBP), Heavy – Pearl White Orange (PWO), Pearl White Orange (PWO), Silver Black (NAT)