ProTecta Reel Lubricant (Available in-store only)


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  • Protecta Reel Lubricant is a concentrated synthetic formulation packaged in a handy 45ml bottle with a needle for exact application with no mess. One bottle provides 3500 drops of outstanding lubrication.
  • One Drop of ProTecta Reel Lubricant can withstand 80,000 pounds of pressure!
  • ProTecta will maintain a film of lubricant even under the most extreme pressure
  • The needle stick applicator allows you to place one drop exactly where you want it – No need to clean up all the excess!
  • It is light enough to use on bearings but also has an incredible desire to cling to metal making it suitable for gears and exterior components
  • One versatile product! In both salt and fresh water, ProTecta will resist wash off and facilitate corrosion prevention
  • It can also be used on your fishing pliers and knives plus thousands of other uses around the shed and house.



  • 1 x ProTecta Reel Lubricant 45ml Bottle