Quantum Smoke Heavy Duty Baitcast Reels


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Built For Barramundi & Mangrove Jack Fishing. Quantum Smoke Heavy Duty Baitcaster Reels are as heavy-duty as they come. Big game needs big players, and big players need a big reel to come out on top. These Smoke Heavy Duty Baitcaster Reels are some of the biggest and baddest of the bunch.

Featuring a one-piece frame and side covers constructed from the highest quality SCR aluminium, Quantum Smoke Heavy Duty Baitcaster Reels are as tough as they come. SaltGuard 2.0 protection takes the durability of the Smoke Heavy Duty Baitcaster Reel to a whole new level. Aussie anglers are sure to love the Smoke Heavy Duty Baitcaster Reel for its ability to endure in the toughest of conditions on Australian waters.

The functionality of the Smoke Heavy Duty Baitcaster stands out due to the seven high-performance stainless steel bearings. There is no smoother or more powerful retrieve than featured on these beautiful reels. The Continuous Anti-Reverse clutch protects from line loss allowing anglers to achieve maximum efficiency. Smoke Heavy Duty Baitcaster Fishing Reels also feature a ceramic worm gear and tough zirconia pawl. The Zero Friction pinion allows for longer casts with minimum effort. And when you add the Infinite ACS adjustable cast control to the mix, anglers have all they need to make the perfect cast. There is just no other reel that matches the casting precision and distance of the Quantum Smoke Heavy Duty Baitcaster.

Quantum Smoke Heavy Duty Baitcasters have the sturdiest titanium-nitride coated lines that can absorb incredible torque. When combined with the lockdown power of the CSC2 carbon fibre, stainless steel and ceramic drag system, the Smoke Heavy Duty Baitcaster has the perfect recipe for catching the biggest fish.

The Smoke Heavy Duty Baitcaster is a high-impact, high-performance reel. It is the ultimate choice for fishos looking for unadulterated power that can withstand any conditions that the harsh Australian outdoors can throw at them.



  • 6 +1 Stainless steel bearings
  • SCR aluminum frame and side cover with SaltGuard 2.0™
  • Infinite ACS™ externally-adjustable cast control
  • Continuous Anti-Reverse™ clutch
  • Ceramic worm gear and zirconia pawl
  • Zero Friction™ pinion design
  • CSC2™ carbon-fibre, stainless steel and ceramic drag system
  • Titanium-nitride coated line guide
  • Aluminum PT™ main gear and drive shaft
  • Large EVA handle knobs
  • Micro-tuned spool clicker tension knob


Model Ball Bearings Line Capacity Line Cap Braid Max Drag Gear Ratio Weight Line Retrieve
SHD200SPT 6+1 12lb/180yd 30lb/230yd 25lb 6.6:1 195g 71cm



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