Rapala R-Type Reels


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Rapala engineers have developed the R-Type spinning reel for use by hard core saltwater anglers, with large drags, large capacities and quality componentry, guaranteed not to let you down.

The Rapala R-Type Spinning reels develop drag ranges from 8 to 18kg, which is impressive in a reels of these sizes. Strength is supplied through the use of a full metal body and rotor. Moving parts are supported with a 6 1 Bearing system. The ported alloy spool features a water shielded drag system, ensuring smooth drag operation right through the drag range and is braid ready. The oversized handle and handle knob are perfect for heavy fishing and of course features a screw into main gear handle shaft, essential when working the reel hard.

There is a model of the Rapala R-Type spinning reel that is a perfect choice for fishermen chasing just about every saltwater, and heavy freshwater species available in Australia. That’s right. Everything from Bream to oversized GT’s.


25 & 35 Features:

  • 9 + 1 Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
  • Super set infinate A/R bearing
  • 5.2:1 gear ratio
  • Rigid alloy body and rotor
  • Braid ready spool arbor
  • Two tone alloy spool
  • Water sealed drag
  • Ti-N line pick up system
  • Stainless bail wire
  • Precision aligned gears
  • CNC handle & Ball EVA knobs
  • Drag output 6kg/13lb
  • RTSP-25 Capacity 0.30/155 or 0.25/225
  • RTSP-35 Capacity 0.30/195 or 0.25/285


65 Features:

  • Drag output 13.6kg/30lb
  • Monofilament capacity diam/yds .40/250 or .45/190
  • Sufix 832 braid capacity lb/yds  .28/30lb 500 or .38/50lb 275


75 Features:

  • Drag output 17.75kg/39lb
  • Monofilament capacity diam/yds .45/350 or .50/280
  • Sufix 832 braid capacity lb/yds  .38/50lb 480 or .48/80lb 300
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RTSP-25, RTSP-35, RTSP-55, RTSP-65, RTSP-75