Rovex 10X Leader NXT Extra Heavy Duty


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100lb/46kg - 1.0mm
150lb/68kg - 1.2mm
200lb/91kg - 1.4mm
20lb/10kg - 0.45mm
30lb/15kg - 0.55mm
40lb/20kg - 0.60mm
50lb/24kg - 0.65mm
60lb/27kg - 0.70mm
80lb/37kg - 0.80mm

Rovex 10X Mono Leader is made using the latest advanced polymer bonding technology to create a premium-quality heavy-duty monofilament nylon leader that offers up to 10 times the abrasion resistance of most other mono leaders of the same diameter. Comes in 100m spools.

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100lb/46kg – 1.0mm, 100lb/46kg – 100m – 1.0mm, 100m 100lb 46kg 1.00mm, 100m 150lb 68kg 1.2mm, 100m 200lb 91kg 1.4mm, 100m 20lb 10kg 0.45mm, 100m 30lb 15kg 0.55mm, 100m 40lb 20kg 0.60mm, 100m 50lb 24kg 0.65mm, 100m 60lb 27kg 0.70mm, 100m 80lb 37kg 0.80mm, 10lb 100m, 150lb/68kg – 1.2mm, 150lb/68kg – 100m – 1.2mm, 15lb 100m, 200lb/91kg – 1.4mm, 200lb/91kg – 100m – 1.4mm, 20lb/10kg – 0.45mm, 20lb/10kg -100m – 0.45mm, 30lb/15kg – 0.55mm, 30lb/15kg -100m – 0.55mm, 40lb/20kg – 0.60mm, 40lb/20kg – 100m – 0.60mm, 50lb/24kg – 0.65mm, 50lb/24kg – 100m – 0.65mm, 60lb/27kg – 0.70mm, 60lb/27kg – 100m – 0.70mm, 80lb/37kg – 0.80mm, 80lb/37kg – 100m – 0.80mm