Rovex D:8 Cast Braid Line


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10lb - 0.18mm - 150m
15lb - 0.19mm - 150m
20lb - 0.22mm - 300m
30lb - 0.26mm - 300m
50lb - 0.31mm - 300m
6lb - 0.08mm - 150m

Constructed from premium Japanese PE fibres and featuring an XSF Low Friction Finish, D:8 Cast braid is exceptionally strong, thin and smooth. Laboratory analysis of true line diameters determined that D:8 Cast is thinner than most 8-strand braided fishing lines on the market. This thinner diameter increases spool capacity, reduces line weight and enhances casting.


The XSF Low Friction Finish is the result of a unique manufacturing process that forms an ultra-smooth surface over the braided line. It also contributes to the soft and supple texture. This advanced finishing process produces a braid with better line lay and superb casting properties.


The Japanese UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) fibres are soft and supple but maintain tremendous strength properties. These superior quality fibres also form a tight weave and a smooth profile for better casting properties.


The new glacier blue colour provides high-visibility contrast against green and brown freshwater and estuarine waters. On the other hand, it blends into blue water coastal and reef environments for improved stealth. The manufacturing processes are also environmentally responsible and incorporate the use of eco-friendly dyes and recycled packaging materials.



  • Eight carrier (strand) braid line made from high-quality Japanese HMPE fibres
  • Excellent casting distance, neat line lay on your spool and better grip for tying knots
  • D:8 Braid 20% stronger than standard PE braids
  • Round profile is achieved with a tight, combined 8 weave pattern
  • Vibrant Glacier Blue colour 
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10lb – 0.18mm – 150m, 10lb – 0.18mm – 150m/154yd, 15lb – 0.19mm – 150m, 15lb – 0.19mm – 150m/154yd, 20lb – 0.22mm – 300m, 20lb – 0.22mm – 300m/328yd, 30lb – 0.26mm – 300m, 30lb – 0.26mm – 300m/328yd, 50lb – 0.31mm – 300m, 50lb – 0.31mm – 300m/328yd, 6lb – 0.08mm – 150m, 6lb – 0.08mm – 150m/164yd