RWB Marine Sand Anchors & Kits (Available in-store only)


Anchor 10lb/5kg
Anchor 4lb/2kg
Anchor 6lb/3kg
Anchor 8lb/4kg
Complete Kit 10lb
Complete Kit 4lb
Complete Kit 6lb
Complete Kit 8lb
RWB3686 4lb/2kg Kit
RWB3687 6lb/3kg Kit

Very popular high holding power sand anchors with solid construction from hot dipped galvanised steel for safe and secure anchoring. Ideally suited to sandy or muddy bottoms. They lay flat for easy stowage.

The sand anchor kits include a hot dipped galvanised sand anchor, silver rope hank spliced with stainless steel thimble, 2 metres of general link galvanised chain and 2 x galvanised shackles.

Please note: suggested boat size for anchors is intended as a guide only for average boats in general usage in average conditions. The actual size should be selected based on intended usage and conditions. Chains should be used in the anchor warp.


Sand Anchors
SKU Weight (lbs) Weight (Kgs) Suggested boat size
RWB7220 3 1.5 2 metres
RWB7221 4 2 3 metres
RWB7222 6 3 4 metres
RWB7223 8 4 5 metres
RWB7224 10 5 6 metres
RWB7225 13 6 7 metres
RWB7226 16 8 8 metres
RWB7227 22 10 9 metres
RWB7228 27 12 11 metres
RWB7229 40 15 13 metres
RWB7230 55 25 14 metres


Complete Sand Anchor Kits
New Code Previous Code Anchor Rope Chain Shackles Suits Boat
RWB7280  RWB3686 4 lb – 2kg 6mm x 40m 6mm x 2M 2 x 8mm To 3m
RWB7282 RWB3687 6 lb – 3kg 6mm x 40m 6mm x 2M 2 x 8mm 4m
RWB7284 RWB3688 8 lb – 4kg 8mm x 50m 8mm x 2M 2 x 10mm 5m
RWB7285 RWB3689 10 lb – 5kg 8mm x 50m 8mm x 2M 2 x 10mm 6m
N/A RWB3690 13 lb – 6kg 10mm x 50m 8mm x 2M 2 x 10mm 7m

Please note: Codes beginning in “RWB3” are an older model and NOT suitable for Telwater Quintrex boats. The new models (replacing the old models completely) begin with code “RWB7” and are suitable for the Telwater Quintrex boats.

Additional information

10lb/5kg (RWB7224), 2kg (RWB3686), 2kg (RWB7221), 3kg (RWB3687), 3kg (RWB7222), 4kg (RWB3688), 4kg (RWB7223), 4lb/2kg (RWB7221), 5kg (RWB3689), 5kg (RWB7224), 6lb/3kg (RWB7222), 8lb/4kg (RWB7223), Anchor 10lb/5kg, Anchor 4lb/2kg, Anchor 6lb/3kg, Anchor 8lb/4kg, Complete Kit 10lb, Complete Kit 10lb/5kg, Complete Kit 4lb, Complete Kit 4lb/2kg, Complete Kit 6lb, Complete Kit 6lb/3kg, Complete Kit 8lb, Complete Kit 8lb/4kg, Kit 10lb/5kg (RWB3689), Kit 2kg (RWB3686), Kit 3kg (RWB3687), Kit 4kg (RWB3688), Kit 4lb/2kg (RWB3686), Kit 5kg (RWB3689), Kit 6lb/3kg (RWB3687), Kit 8kg (RWB7284), Kit 8lb/4kg (RWB3688), RWB3686 4lb/2kg Kit, RWB3687 6lb/3kg Kit, Standard Kit (RWB7282), Standard Kit 10lb, Standard Kit 6lb, Standard Kit 6lb (RWB7282), Standard Kit 8lb, Standard Kit 8lb (RWB7284)