Sax Scent


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Bloodworm 30ml
Crab 30ml
Gold Prawn 30ml
UV Chartreuse 30ml
UV Orange 30ml
UV Pink 30ml
Wasabi 30ml

Sax Scent is a fish attracting scent which comes in 5 flavours: Crab, Goldprawn, Wasabi, Bloodworm and Abalone. Plus there’s 3 ‘UV Hotspot’ colours available. A great Australian made and tested product to help you increase your catch rate. It has been tested on Castaway Estuary Fishing charters and by tournament anglers around Australia with brilliant results. Coming in a handy little 30mm squeeze tube, with a carabina to hook it onto your bag, belt, shirt, hat, the options are endless!

A blend of fish stimulants with a Red and silver fleck to look like a scale pattern on a wounded bait fish.

Designed for Salt water species eg. Bream, Flathead, Snapper, Mulloway, Whiting.

Prawn flavour with a gold fleck adding another trigger point to your lure with a golden scale flash.

Designed for Salt water species eg. Mangrove Jack, Flathead, Bream, Mulloway, Snapper.

Crab flavour with a UV orange and black fleck.

Designed for Salt water species but has great results with Fresh water species also eg. Mulloway, Flathead, Bream, Bass, Saratoga.

Aniseed flavour with a green and silver fleck.

Designed for Fresh water species eg. Murray Cod, Yellow Belly, Bass.

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Bloodworm 30ml, Crab 30ml, Gold Prawn 30ml, GoldPrawn 30ml, UV Chartreuse 30ml, UV Orange 30ml, UV Pink 30ml, Wasabi 30ml

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