Shogun Crane Swivels


Qty 50 per pkt.

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#1 160lb
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Line twist can be catastrophic for the angler. Tangles are just the beginning, it can ultimately lead to a poor fishing experience, equipment underperforming and therefore a loss of fish. Shogun Crane swivels are a crane style swivel. They are better than a standard barrel swivel and the reason is that the internals are highly polished. This means that, even under heavy load, the swivel continues to turn freely, ensuring line twist and tangles do not occur. The only way to improve on this is to go for a swivel that has bearings inside it. These are very expensive and can go for as much as $10 per single swivel and are probably more suited to game fishing and the budgets of game anglers.


The second purpose, line connection, is another area where the crane swivel outperforms others. Their strength is phenomenal, and so long as your knots are up to scratch and you’re using a premium fishing line, there is no reason for losing a gram of your line breaking strain because of joins. 


Qty 50 per pkt.

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#1 160lb, #2 125lb, #2/0 265lb, #3 99lb, #3/0 350lb, #4 61lb, #4/0 418lb, #5/0 445lb, #6 55lb