Shout Straight Point 22 Twin Hook


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A new concept of salt water lure fishing system. With the same weight as the treble hook, a thick shaft hook can be used.

The two hooks tied together by the split ring retain the shape of the double hook with a heat shrink tube. When attached to a lure, it does not turn sideways and can maintain a position where it is easy to hook. Once the target is hooked, the two hooks respond independently depenging on how they are hooked. 

When a strong lateral force or twist that deforms the hook is generated, the heat shrink tube tears and prevents the hook from being deformed or broken. When it reaches the limit, it changes to a single hook. There has never been a plug hook that changes according to how the fish is pulled.

The “twin hook” can be said to be a hook system that has overcome the disadvantages of conventional plug hooks.


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