Silstar Jig-em Squid Rig


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5cm #1/0 Black/Orange
5cm #4 Black/Orange
5cm #4 Motor Oil/Red
5cm #4 Pearl/Pink

The Silstar Jig-em Rigs are ideal for use when targeting reef species. The rig comes equipped with 3 hooks containing plastic squid skirts. The hooks can be baited for added appeal of just left as they are in the packet: the set of squid skirts dancing in the current will tempt plenty of reef species. The rig comes complete with hooks, mono and swivel.



  • Pre-rigged in a 3 lure dropper pack with hooks, mono & swivel
  • Great for all fishing methods from bottom fishing to free-floating
  • Suitable for almost every species
  • Comes with 3 x 5/0 Octopus hooks
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5cm #1/0 Black/Orange, 5cm #4 Black/Orange, 5cm #4 Motor Oil/Red, 5cm #4 Pearl/Pink