Silstar Lures Troll-Em Christmas Tree


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Pink & Blue 10cm
Pink & Blue 13cm
Pink 10cm
Pink 13cm

The Silstar Xmas Tree Trolloing lures are completely rigged and ready to attach to your line, simply go fishing, troll the lure and start catching fish. With slow to medium troll speeds the Silstar Xmas Tree fishing lures can be trolled just below the water surface or with a faster troll speeds the lures will break the water surface occasionally like a fleeing baitfish also creating a bubble trail which is like a neon sign directing the fish straight to your fishing lure.

The Silstar Xmas Tree trolling lures will catch a massive list of game species in Australian and international waters but just to mention a few, Striped Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Dolphin Fish, Kingfish and even Sailfish! The Silstar Xmas Tree fishing lure is a low priced high performance trolling lure and well worth a spot in your fishing arsenal!

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Pink & Blue 10cm, Pink & Blue 13cm, Pink 10cm, Pink 13cm