Smokin’ Joe’s Wood Chips & Dust


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Chips - Apple 400g
Chips - Hickory 400g
Chips - Mesquite 400g
Dust - Apple 200g
Dust - Hickory 200g
Dust - Mallee 200g

Wood chips –

Smokin’ Joe’s Gourmet Flavoured Wood Chips provide the ultimate infusion of flavours to your Fish, Meat, Ham and Poultry. Manufactured to the highest standards these chips give a richer and more dense flavour to your food, for the Ultimate Smoking Experience! 

Manufactured from 100% Australian timbers.

Flavours avaliable: Mesquite, Hickory, Apple


Smoker Dust –

Smokin’ Joe’s Smoker Dust provide the ultimate infusion of flavours to your fish, meat, ham and poultry. They offer a quicker burn than chips and are ideal for small portable Hot Smokers. They can be mixed with wood chips to create the ultimate smoker mix. 

Flavours available: Apple, Cherry, Hickory & Mallee

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Apple 400g, Chips – Apple 400g, Chips – Hickory 400g, Chips – Mesquite 400g, Dust – Apple 200g, Dust – Hickory 200g, Dust – Mallee 200g, Hickory 400g, Meat Smoker ONLY, Mesquite 400g, Smoker Dust – Apple 200g, Smoker Dust – Hickory 200g, Smoker Dust – Mallee 200g, Wood Chips – Apple 400g, Wood Chips – Hickory 400g, Wood Chips – Mesquite 400g