Southern Cross Lures – Beetle Ass


Brown Frog
Ladybird Gold
Ladybird Orange
Ladybird Red
Ladybird Shark Tooth

These are Australian Made lures made using Red Cedar and White Beech timbers because of the timber density which affects the buoyancy of the lure in the water. The timber bodies are cut on a CNC machine so that consistency in size and shape are ensured to within one thousandth of a millimetre.  The bodies are sealed using water-proofing products then each lure is hand-painted. You might notice slight variations between the photos on this website and the lures you receive in the mail, that simply highlights the uniqueness of the handcrafted lure you have purchased.  The lures are finished off with a two-pack paint over the top making the coating very strong and durable. Each lure is fitted with an aluminium or polycarbonate bib. Finally VMC hooks and stainless steel tow points are added to the lures and they are ready for sale.

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Brown Frog, Ladybird Gold, Ladybird Orange, Ladybird Red, Ladybird Shark Tooth