Stimulate with Ultrabite Burley 1kg


Ground Pre-Mixed
Prawn Scent Pellets


  • Attracts fish from a wide range area and stimulate a feeding frenzy.
  • Extremely effective and easy to use.
  • Premixed with Ultrabite, these burley products have been specially prepared for use with Ultrabite and together they greatly enhance the ability to catch fish.
  • Introducing Stimulate burley into water column will entice fish into your area and trigger vigorous feeding behavior in the fish.
  • It is important to keep introducing a little Stimulate burley to keep fish in the area. Otherwise, they will search elsewhere for food
  • What is Ultrabite? Ultrabite is a unique bait, burley and lure additive which contains patented synthetic pheromones that trigger vigorous feeding in fish. The Ultrabite formula also contains a fish attractant that entices fish from a wide area into the angler’s fishing zone.
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Ground Pre-Mixed, Pellets, Prawn Scent Pellets, Prawn Scent Pellets 1kg