STM Tackle Easy Use Floats


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This product’s practical design allows it to be easily used by anglers of all experience levels. Simply slide around 2 inches of your main fishing line through on one of the wire loops and then slide one of the STM Easy to use floats onto the line with two fingers. It’s that easy!

The STM Easy to use floats are perfect for light fishing styles such as fishing in lakes and rivers where you are not using much weight. The float will help keep your line better positioned in the water and can be used with baits such as worms, insects and other small baits.

STM Easy to use floats also makes an excellent addition to any heavy fishing rig where you want to suspend your bait just off the bottom. That can be a great way to fish where the situation may be a little snaggy.


Features and Specifications:

  • Size: 15mm
  • Qty: 6 Floats
  • High Visibility
  • Ideal for light fishing styles
  • Foam construction