Storm DoCan Snapper Ball Jig


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100g Bloody Red
100g Deep Green
100g Flex. Chartreuse
100g Hi-Light Orange
100g Orange Versatile
100g Silhouette Black
100g Silver Glow
120g Bloody Red
120g Deep Green
120g Flex. Chartruese
120g Hi-Light Orange
120g Silhouette Black
120g Silver Glow
40g Bloody Red
40g Flex. Chartreuse
40g Mid Gold Red
40g Orange Versatile
40g Silver Glow
60g Bloody Red
60g Deep Green
60g Flex. Chartreuse
60g Hi-Light Orange
60g Mid Gold Red
60g Orange Versatile
60g Silhouette Black
60g Silver Glow
80g Bloody Red
80g Deep Green
80g Flex. Chartreuse
80g Hi-Light Orange
80g Mid Gold Red
80g Orange Versatile
80g Silver Glow

The Storm DoCan Snapper Ball Jig’s unique head shape creates a strong slalom action at retrieval and the fall, triggering even the laziest fish to strike. The weighted head allows you to swiftly adjust the depth you’re fishing to target deeper or shallower fish making it a versatile lure that suits a wide range of fishing conditions.



  • Head generates a wide slalom action
  • Rubber skirt waves gently underwater, imitating a squid
  • Skirt and hooks are individual components that are easily replaced to extend the life of your DoCan Snapper Ball
  • Fitted with dual VMC PTFE coated assist hooks
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100g Bloody Red, 100g Deep Green, 100g Flex. Chartreuse, 100g Flexible Chartreuse, 100g Hi-Light Orange, 100g High Light Orange, 100g Orange Versatile, 100g Silhouette Black, 100g Silver Glow, 120g Bloody Red, 120g Deep Green, 120g Flex. Chartruese, 120g Flexible Chartruese, 120g Hi-Light Orange, 120g High Light Orange, 120g Silhouette Black, 120g Silver Glow, 40g Bloody Red, 40g Flex. Chartreuse, 40g Flexible Chartreuse, 40g Mid Gold Red, 40g Orange Versatile, 40g Silver Glow, 60g Bloody Red, 60g Deep Green, 60g Flex. Chartreuse, 60g Flexible Chartreuse, 60g Hi-Light Orange, 60g High Light Orange, 60g Mid Gold Red, 60g Orange Versatile, 60g Silhouette Black, 60g Silver Glow, 80g Bloody Red, 80g Deep Green, 80g Flex. Chartreuse, 80g Flexible Chartreuse, 80g Hi-Light Orange, 80g High Light Orange, 80g Mid Gold Red, 80g Orange Versatile, 80g Silver Glow